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Straying off the path, and finding the path to lead me back.

I saw an unpleasant change on my scale this week when I was sneaking onto it .(I was supposed to stay away, for a very good reason!).  I saw a gain.  Now I know, you absolutely have to be vigilant if you’re attempting to make changes and I slipped up.  I didn’t track and I didn’t exercise.  The biggie was, I didn’t exercise. If you want to see repeated success, you must follow the prescribed formula. In other words, you have to do what is proven and guaranteed to work!

So, because I slacked off, I saw the scale move the wrong way. Instead of beating myself up over it, I just refocused on what is important.  What’s really important is ME. Yep, I said it.  I. Am. Important. This journey I’m on, the path I’m following?  It’s about ME. I said that a few blogs ago. I’m working on what I need to do to make me happy.  What makes me happy is working out and knowing that I’m seeing results. I do it for the result.  It’s not for the “Hey! Look at me!  I work out!”  It’s for the knowledge that I am improving my mental health, first and foremost.

I hear you asking, “How is it improving your mental health?”  Well, when I do things, like taking walks, or dancing really hard, or riding my bike, I feel accomplished.  I mentally pat myself on the back and say, “You did a great job!” I am giving myself the validation I need to keep going.  That’s what it’s all about.

So I strayed off the path to a smaller, happier me. I didn’t sit and whine about how “I fell off.  I won’t get back on the path.” You see, I laid a path of rocks down as I was walking, rather than bread crumbs (remember the story of Hansel and Gretel?). I am not eating, but I’m looking for the shiny rocks, the ones that stand out and point me where I need to be. The rocks have been there, I just wasn’t looking for them for a short time. I’m looking for them again.  I found them.  Just need to make sure they glow because I have plans to keep looking for them.  I will find them.

I guess what I’m saying is, if you think you’ve lost your path, don’t give up! Just keep looking for it. It’s there, even if you take a small detour.  I detoured, found the path again and am making plans to keep that path in my line of vision at all times.


After spending most of yesterday being upset for no good reason, I decided to go ahead and let it all go. I won’t be successful in anything if I carry around resentment and anger. All it does is aggravate me, upsets my stomach and makes me miserable.  I chose the option of being happy.

I committed myself to joining a weight loss challenge that looks like it’ll be fun.  My commitment is to make sure I actually use the tools I have.  I have a DVD program that is fun (hard too, but really, fun!) and the instructor is, well, nice to look at.  He makes it fun. I promised myself that I will work out with this on a regular basis.  I believe the program requires the entire week. If I stick with it, I’ll actually come out ahead of the game.  The lady who is running the challenge is NOT going to let me off the hook either.  I have more accountability now. My group of friends is still in place. They aren’t going to let me off the hook either. I know that they want me to succeed. 

I was able to document my food intake for today.  I ate all my points and I feel pretty good.  I haven’t gone over–if I did, it was by a small amount, but it’s allowed on WW.  You are given 48 additional points for the week to use as you see fit. I am earning activity points as well.  I think I’ve gotten about 5 activity points for this week.  I’m debating on taking my fitness ball to work and substituting that for my regular chair.  I’ll force my muscles to work as I sit on the ball. Yes, I think I can do this. I will join about 3 other people who have fitness balls at work instead of their chairs.  

I told the challenge organizer that I plan on adding my bicycle to that mix.  I absolutely have to get outside. I am really looking forward to the return of warmer weather.


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