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Tai Chi Saturday

This morning, I had a Tai Chi make up class because our last class of the cycle was canceled. I can’t make the class on the 10th because of a prior commitment to Boy Scouts, so we had a make up class today. We met at one of the local malls that is reasonably quiet. There were two of us there. E and I were both there to take advantage of the additional training.
I warned Sifu (Sifu means ‘teacher’) that I hadn’t been practicing. We went over a lot of basics and picked up from the “Four Corners” in our form and went on through “Chinese Guitar” and then to “Carry the Tiger over the Mountain”. I think the form is really neat, even without the names of the sections.
Today, Sifu caught some mistakes I was making and corrected me. During Chinese Guitar, I have a tendency to not use my hips…actually, I have a tendency to not use them during most of the things I do, but she corrected me today. We practiced turning until I was able to turn my complete trunk. In Tai Chi, the entire trunk is from your neck down to just below your hips. I have a habit of forgetting that my hips are there, so when I turn, I put stress on my knees. Today was one of those “aha!” moments. The light came on After E left, I talked to Sifu and we went over Four Corners to Carry the Tiger over the Mountain, and then I showed her the opening of Kee Cho Hyung Il Bu (Basic form #1). I am actually using my hips and NOT flopping around or losing my balance. That’s what I needed to be able to do. That form felt so much better than it’s ever felt! I was pleased with myself for that! I don’t feel like I was reaching past my knees (that’s something I need to watch out for in Tai Chi) and I wasn’t losing my balance. It made me happy to see how that went together. Tai Chi is about balance. I’m feeling like I saw a definite correlation between Tai Chi and Tang Soo Do.

I won’t have another Tai Chi class until January 24th. I have a Zumba class starting on the 11th and running for a month. I’m seriously hoping that I see some weight loss sparked during that class as I’m sure it’s going to be intense cardio. If that doesn’t make me lose weight, I’m going to have a discussion with one of my doctors about that.

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