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Pedometer trials/working out during the winter

There’s a hazard to wearing a pedometer daily.  You find out how very little you actually DO move, especially when you want to move more. I’ve had to go in and adjust my step counter because it was pointed at a grossly huge number that I’ve got no chance in a very hot place of making on a daily basis.  As I’m not riding a treadmill or taking Spinning classes or any of the “normal” activity gathering things that one can do daily, I’ve had to compensate. There’s only so much “desk dancing” a person can do.  Besides, it’s a weekend and my family rather prefers to watch football games and do other things all day long.

Some of my “friends” are getting thousands of steps daily.  I figure that 1. They’re super active and are chasing small children/animals/something all day long or 2. They could be doing what has crossed my mind (not that I’ve done it) and shaking their counters on a regular basis.  I’ll guess MOST of them are doing #1.  Just because *I* think it doesn’t mean I’ve done it…

I have to start doing things in the house because I am NOT crazy about being cold.  I like the cold, but don’t like BEING cold..  That rules out bike riding and walking right now (freezing rain, temps below 50 degrees and no appropriate apparel for being out  in nasty weather-you’re meant to layer so you can remove things as you heat up…) Leaves me with Shawn T (EYE CANDY-OMG, His ABS!!!) or the Wii (Wii would like to Play!). 

My Wii Fit has a lot of fun things for me to do.  I think I’ll drag out the balance board and start back up with the ‘rhythmic boxing’ program.  At least there, I can pretend I’m beating the heck out of anyone who irritates me. Wait…that’s actually a GREAT idea!  I can get busy and beat up my personal best record.  At least there, I won’t have any sort of competition with anyone but my own mind.


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