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Spring back to doing what I love

Spring is now officially here.  I spent my afternoon in the garden.  It was wonderful!  I love being able to spend time outside, not having to worry about being cold.  This also means I can spend more time outside. I spent a few hours today, weeding my garden. Gardening, much like bike riding, is somewhat therapeutic for me. I love getting my hands into the dirt. It’s a good opportunity to ground myself, to get any aggression out of the way by pulling weeds. I took music out, turned it on and listened while I was pulling weeds. I’m planning the back yard, trying to decide the best way to make it look appealing and inviting.  I bought some herbs for the garden.  I got basil plants, including a lime basil and the standard, Genovese basil. I also got lavender because I have been successful (moderately) with something called “Cotton lavender”.  That has taken over the front of the garden and spread nicely.  I may have to thin it out this year.

I’ve decided, on a slightly different note, to start spending more time out on my bike. With the time change and the weather change, I can plan on getting out for a mile or two every night after work. If I carefully monitor my food and my exercise habits, I can probably pull off my next 10% loss sooner than 8 months. I realize that 8 months isn’t really all that long and that it’s the success I need to celebrate, but I am still human enough to want that immediate gratification. I want it NOW. Now is not always the best thing, but we have been conditioned out of “good things come to those that wait.” I don’t expect my garden to grow immediately, so why should I expect other things to happen quickly?


It’s Spring-time to get back to what is important…and learning to wait.

From April to June or July, we should have relatively nice weather.  Even if it DOES get hot, I’m planning on going riding either early in the day or late at night.  I’ll miss the heat of the day (oh darn…NOT!).  I know that I can spend time enjoying being outside.  I’m really looking forward to it.


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