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An un-memorable experience

Went to my MRI appointment on the 14th, only to find myself unable to have the actual procedure. I panicked when they put me under the magnetic thing. I hadn’t realized that I was claustrophobic until they slid me up under that thing.

The MRI machine is an “open MRI”, which just means it isn’t the loud tunnel thing you always see on television. This one was a table that slide over one magnet thing and under another. You have to lay face up, very, very still, and they turn on the thing to take the pictures.

I was fine when I got up on the table. I was talking with the lady who was going to do the procedure. We chatted about a few things, including how long it was going to take (4 of the pictures were 3 minutes, one was 5 minutes). She put a thing over my face that was there to keep me still and keep me from bouncing around (my head), and that was just the beginning. Again, I was fine until she slid me under the machine and made adjustments. At that point, I got very uncomfortable and asked to stop. They hadn’t even taken pictures! I wasn’t happy with the thing being up in my face. We stopped the test at that point. I rescheduled, then went home, called my doctor’s office and asked for some sort of sedative. If the doctor will sedate me, I can have the procedure done on Saturday.. We will see what happens. I am going to be getting a phone call tomorrow with either the news that I’m getting a prescription for 1 or 2 pills (probably going to be $50.00!) or they’ll send me to a “standing MRI” where you’re not lying flat. We shall see what happens.

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