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Just DO it. (No infringement of Nike intended)

That’s the advice I got from a dear friend.  Just do it.  Quit sitting on my lazy butt and move it.

Today, I did exactly that.  I got myself out and rode 6.5 miles.  My top speed was 8.1 miles an hour, but I slipped and didn’t keep up that momentum.  It’s okay-I won’t beat myself up because I DID IT!  I moved myself off the couch, hit my daily step goal (and then some!), got moving, enjoyed the fresh air outside, saw many people and animals (blue jays, cardinals, dogs, humans) and of course, got fresh air.  Did I mention I got FRESH AIR??  

So I’m redundant. I’m happy.  I don’t have to sit and be jealous of anyone. If I don’t move, that’s my own fault.  Nobody’s beating me to tell me I CAN’T do something. I have a good friend who pretty much sent me the impetus.  She told me, “Just DO it.”  Nike was on to something, weren’t they?

ImageThis was one of the paths I took.  I don’t feel confident to r (more…)

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