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You must want something to make it happen

I’ve been on and off Weight Watchers for many rounds during my adult life.  I had lost a great deal of weight while I was in training to earn my black belt, but wound up slacking off.  That was 2006-2007. Then I re-joined Weight Watchers in 2009, but for a short time.  I wasn’t nearly as successful as I thought I should be.  That incarnation didn’t last long because I was attempting it all Online, not by attending meetings.

In 2012, I decided that enough was enough.  I needed to get my eating under control.  Weight Watchers was the logical choice for me because I am a very hard-headed person who doesn’t like being told what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat.  I am extremely rebellious in that sense.  Bear in mind, I’ve had numerous suggestions that I needed to have lap band surgery, I needed to eat less, join Jenny Craig, do Medifast, whatever. Weight loss is a high dollar industry.

I decided that I was going to re-join Weight Watchers.  I WANT this. I WANT to be successful.  I WILL be successful.  I need the accountability and I get it. This is a change of seasons, so to speak.  No more am I subscribing to the “I can’t lose weight” mentality. I don’t care if people think I’m odd for counting points and for being obsessed by my weight.  I have to.  I WANT to.  Want is the driving factor here.

I have had a good experience this time around.  I’m finding that I want to eat healthier and that now it’s rubbing off on my children.  They are learning to make better choices. We’re changing our lifestyles to suit US. There is no push from external forces to follow any special plan. It is our lifestyle, our plan, our wants. For once, we are living the way we should–not according to any one person’s mandate, but as a healthy, happy family.

I joined a fitness challenge because I wanted to join it. It’s a thirty day fitness challenge. I’ve already gone out of my comfort zone by posting a couple of pictures and my weight and my measurements. I don’t like the measurements and the pictures, but I’m not going to weasel out of my group. I have the support of a few people who are near and dear to me.  They encouraged me to join this venture. I am going to see how the next thirty days pans out. I feel confident that I will be successful-because I want to.


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