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Yard work equals SATISFACTION

I haven’t exercised (again!) in several weeks.  I won’t admit exactly how long (over a month!) but it’s been a while. Today, I had planned to mow my lawn when I got up.  We have a neighbor we call “Narnia“.  Their house always had lots of weeds in the yard and has a large tree and had hollies and various bushes in front.  They thoughtfully shared their weeds with us. A couple of weeks ago, they had someone come out and had all of their turf grass replaced.  This left us with their remaining weeds. I called someone out to spray my yard because really, I despise weeds.  I want my lawn to be lush and green. Inviting. I don’t do dandelions, dallis grass, crab grass, etc. very well.  I get antsy seeing a ‘jungle’, especially in my own yard.  It annoys me no end. I freak out and get grouchy and frankly, I’m a world class bitch if my yard looks horrible to me. I’m not sure why.  I just want my outdoors to reflect my personality, my love of all things green.

My yard was on my agenda today. I got up, got all my things together (sunblock, hat, water, “mowing shoes”, phone and headphones) and went out to the yard.  I had to cut the grass as low as I possibly could to get the weeds knocked down. That was at the recommendation of my lawn guys.  I got the lawnmower fired up, went out and said (figuratively) “Charge!!”

This is my first mowing of the year.  I knew it was going to be hard, especially since I’m an affirmed couch potato.  I managed to work up a good sweat, pushing that mower.  I could feel it in my arms. I listened to my music (Saxon Moon‘s Kalderash) and mowed.  I was able to get one side of the front yard done and then my lawnmower decided it hated me and my lawn.  It stopped.


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