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What is your true reality?

I recently read an article about different peoples’ versions of reality.  It was a highly enlightening article. I can’t remember the article’s author, only that a friend of mine had posted it and it was thought provoking. It brought up that what one person thinks is another’s reality may be far from it. What appears to be the “perfect” scenario might be the farthest thing from reality. My life might appear appealing to someone who doesn’t have a family. I have friends who live their lives in a gym.  That’s not a lifestyle I want, but maybe it’s best for them. I can’t say.  I know that my view of their reality might be completely off. I only read what they post. For all I know, they have skeletons dancing in their closets.  My point is, my view of reality is clouded by the “I really don’t know what’s truly happening. I only know what I perceive from reading all their postings.” I am sure they may be thinking that I’m a lazy slug who needs to be out doing something instead of posting pictures of gardens, belly dancers, cats, horses, etc.

Everyone’s view is different.

My reality, as I see it?  I’m still writing the book on it.  I’ll let you know when I get to it.


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