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After spending most of yesterday being upset for no good reason, I decided to go ahead and let it all go. I won’t be successful in anything if I carry around resentment and anger. All it does is aggravate me, upsets my stomach and makes me miserable.  I chose the option of being happy.

I committed myself to joining a weight loss challenge that looks like it’ll be fun.  My commitment is to make sure I actually use the tools I have.  I have a DVD program that is fun (hard too, but really, fun!) and the instructor is, well, nice to look at.  He makes it fun. I promised myself that I will work out with this on a regular basis.  I believe the program requires the entire week. If I stick with it, I’ll actually come out ahead of the game.  The lady who is running the challenge is NOT going to let me off the hook either.  I have more accountability now. My group of friends is still in place. They aren’t going to let me off the hook either. I know that they want me to succeed. 

I was able to document my food intake for today.  I ate all my points and I feel pretty good.  I haven’t gone over–if I did, it was by a small amount, but it’s allowed on WW.  You are given 48 additional points for the week to use as you see fit. I am earning activity points as well.  I think I’ve gotten about 5 activity points for this week.  I’m debating on taking my fitness ball to work and substituting that for my regular chair.  I’ll force my muscles to work as I sit on the ball. Yes, I think I can do this. I will join about 3 other people who have fitness balls at work instead of their chairs.  

I told the challenge organizer that I plan on adding my bicycle to that mix.  I absolutely have to get outside. I am really looking forward to the return of warmer weather.


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