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Getting dizzy isn’t fun

I’ve had a couple of bouts of “positional vertigo” recently that have knocked me flat. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that my shoulders were stiff and painful and then my right shoulder started to hurt.  On Monday and Tuesday, I woke up in the morning and had to wait for the room to stop spinning.  That was not a pleasant experience.  I finally broke down and went to my chiropractor, who adjusted my neck and the vertebra in my upper back.  I was dizzy turning over, so we waited that out.  He then adjusted my neck more and helped me sit up.  That was horrible. I am not a big fan of being ill and yet, ill I was. It took almost ten minutes for the room to stop spinning on me. Needless to say, I moved very slowly after that.

I did a cardio workout on Thursday–the room was NOT spinning that morning, which was a miracle in and of itself.  I was a bit on the grouchy side but I figure that was from the family being home and nobody wanting to do anything. 

Yesterday, I did another workout and wound up being dizzy when I went down to the floor.  The only thing I can think of was that I was doing crunches (with my hands behind my head) and maybe I put too much pressure on my neck.  One of my good friends, who is like an older sister to me, suggested that I check my sugar levels.  I probably should.  She also recommended that I make sure I’m getting enough electrolytes.  My mission today is to find a source for natural electrolyte replacements. I found a link on the “Mother Nature Network”, so I’m going to see how that works.  Need to see if I can find “unrefined salt.”  Anyone know what that is?

I’m open to suggestions, so if anyone has any suggestions about things I can try for electrolyte replacements, please let me know.

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