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Food…it’s not just for eating anymore

My name is Meg and I’m a pasta junkie. I don’t want to eat it 24/7, but I love my starches.  I’ve heard of people going on “diets” where they cut out all starches-no potatoes, breads, pastas, nothing..  I’ve heard of others drastically reducing their caloric intake to 500 calories a day and taking some sort of supplement of human growth hormones or something.  I’m not going to do that.  Years of yo-yo dieting have brought me to where I am now–extremely obese and unhappy with myself.  I am also a stress eater and the past few weeks have brought that home to me, very clearly.  I don’t have a nutritionist, so I have to rearrange my eating myself. 

Since food is a hot subject, I decided to troll my way through Netflix and found a couple of documentaries.  One was recommended by my cousin–it’s called Forks over Knives.  Definitely an eye-opener.  My husband watched it with me and we decided that we could try it. Are we? Not yet.  It’s on the “to-do” list.  (We have a large to-do list these days!)  Last night, I watched “Food Matters”, “Hungry for Change” and “Vegucated”.  Today’s agenda includes “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” among other titles.  No, I’m not morbid.  I’m researching to get an idea of what we, as humans, are doing to ourselves.  Everyday, on my Facebook feed, someone is posting about GMOs. We live in the information age, but do we use it to our advantage? I’m not going to drop everything and run out to be the #1 vegetarian/vegan in the country, but I do want to learn how to improve it.  I like my meats on occasion.  I like my pastas, so I won’t be dropping them to go graze out in my backyard. I just want to incorporate healthier options into my life and my kids’ lives. I’m generally healthy. I have no medical issues that prevent me from eating healthier foods. I have great cholesterol, great sugars, etc.  No underlying issues whatsoever. I just have to reclaim my motivation, which I have been sorely lacking, and start seeing results. 

Maybe the “food documentary marathon” I’ve been on will be enough to spur me on. I certainly have opened my eyes to a lot of things, including how unhealthy my life actually is. I can pretend to be healthy, or I can talk the talk and walk the walk and actually DO something.  

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