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My instructor gave me a new weapon to learn yesterday. It is a Tessen, or Japanese War Fan. It’s also known as a Samurai War Fan. It’s really a neat weapon. My “real” weapon has metal ribs. The practice weapon is wooden. I do not know how to use them yet, but will be watching the DVD to learn as much as I can. I did look it up last night on the Internet and found some neat videos on YouTube. I’ll go back and look at them later.

I’m excited that he picked out this weapon for me. I initially thought he’d given me a Tonfa, which looks like a long stick with a knob on it for a handle. It actually resembles a “billy club”. Fortunately for me, he chose something that doesn’t look like a weapon, but actually IS. I’m going to have much fun learning it. I am trying to think of the reasons he chose this particular weapon for me and the only thing I can come up with is that he considers me an unknown quantity. I’m visible, but nobody really knows what I am yet. Makes sense to me. The fan, in ancient Japan, was a weapon a Samurai could always have on him. They were required to disarm whenever they were in the presence of a Warlord, but the fan, nobody would think of, therefore, they could keep it on them.

I’m really looking forward to learning how to use this. It’ll be my challenge over the Christmas holidays when we’re not in classes, to learn how to handle it.

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