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Fitting in activity

Even when I think I’m getting enough movement in, I find out that I’m not. I did numerous loads of laundry today, which necessitated walking to and from my  master bedroom multiple times, plus going into the laundry room and back out.  Did I get many steps?  Not only no, but absolutely, resoundingly NO WAY. It’s frustrating. I wanted to think that I was a fairly active person today, but even going to Walmart for a small-ish shopping trip wasn’t enough to raise me up over 5k steps.  I won’t make my plan today, that’s for sure.

I have done other exercise today, so I am not bashing myself under any circumstances. However, I know that in order to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume. That’s the law of weight loss, as we all know. Now I have to figure out what to do to increase my activity level. Some ideas include riding my bike (weather permitting), walking somewhere (again, weather permitting, unless I go to a mall, which isn’t likely), push ups (not going to earn me activity points), Wii Fit, dancing, etc. It’s frustrating to me.  I want to be able to go brag to my friends, “Hey, I just worked out and did this, this, this and this.”  Instead, I have to maintain radio silence. The only good thing is, I’m not eating tons of food.  In fact, at present, despite me buying things for dinner, I’m not likely to eat because I’m not overly hungry.  I’m listening to that cue from my body. I’m feeling “blah” as my daughter and I like to say. It’s not a good feeling. I feel like I’ve eaten entirely too much and yet, I can list what I have eaten and it’s again, not high points. Maybe it was the romaine lettuce I devoured for lunch.  0 points, except for the salad dressing (fat-free honey mustard). I’m just all of a sudden feeling rather-stuffed.  Lunch was many hours ago too. 

I guess I need to go chase my  lawn mower around my yard again.  I’m sure I’ll get some activity that way and it’s something I actually like doing. 

Just DO it. (No infringement of Nike intended)

That’s the advice I got from a dear friend.  Just do it.  Quit sitting on my lazy butt and move it.

Today, I did exactly that.  I got myself out and rode 6.5 miles.  My top speed was 8.1 miles an hour, but I slipped and didn’t keep up that momentum.  It’s okay-I won’t beat myself up because I DID IT!  I moved myself off the couch, hit my daily step goal (and then some!), got moving, enjoyed the fresh air outside, saw many people and animals (blue jays, cardinals, dogs, humans) and of course, got fresh air.  Did I mention I got FRESH AIR??  

So I’m redundant. I’m happy.  I don’t have to sit and be jealous of anyone. If I don’t move, that’s my own fault.  Nobody’s beating me to tell me I CAN’T do something. I have a good friend who pretty much sent me the impetus.  She told me, “Just DO it.”  Nike was on to something, weren’t they?

ImageThis was one of the paths I took.  I don’t feel confident to r (more…)

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