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I weighed in last night and was UP another .2.  Now I know I’m not the most conscientious eater.  I do eat things that I “shouldn’t eat”.  I eat salt on my pasta.  I eat chocolate (love my chocolate!!).  I eat cakes and cookies upon occasion too.

So when I weighed in and it was up, I went nuts.  I’ve been faithfully documenting my food intake.  I’m NOT hiding it.  I don’t use the eTools that I’m paying for, but I use MFP and I’m USING IT!!  I’ve checked in and logged my food daily for a month.  What I’m seeing and my consciences (you know who you are!!) are seeing is that I eat too much sodium.  Processed food, crap like that.  My dear friend, S, recommended I make my own goodies.  She said she knows people who do and they’re happy and not whining about their weight like I am.  (She never said I was whining, I did, because I am.)

MFP is a habit I’m not likely to break now that I’ve been doing it for over a month.  I need to add in eTools now and do that religiously.  I need to get in those important things like oils (olive, canola, something–in my oatmeal?  Ummmmm. I’ll think about that!!  You’re suggesting that to a hard headed mule, I’ll have you know!!)  and my multivitamins in.  I carry them to work, but what’s the point of that if you don’t take them?

The point of this blog isn’t to sit and say “oh poor me, I’m not losing weight, feel sorry for me.”  It’s to say, “Okay, you aren’t eating healthy foods, you need more veggies (need a tracker for that, thank you MFP!!) and you need to keep exercising.”  I  *have* added exercise into my daily regime.  I have a new Beachbody DVD that I love because it’s kickboxing and is lots of fun! In fact, I didn’t do it yesterday, so I get to do it today.

I asked someone if I could go walk with her on Sunday. 7 1/2 miles..  I think that makes part of the 5k’s you wanted me to walk in 2 weeks, K.  I’ll do it!!

So check with me in a couple of days and see if I’m actually walking the walk.  I need accountability and I need a quick shove in the back.


The immortal words of James Brown…

“I feel good! I knew that I would!!”

It’s been a bit since I made the conscious decision to stop trying to obtain the approval of someone as far as my workouts are concerned.  I feel so much more relaxed and willing to do the workouts I do. I feel pretty darned good about it.

I’m taking off work for the last part of the week. I managed to get out of bed *early* today.  That’s pretty exciting, especially in light of the fact that I have a bad habit of hitting the snooze button constantly. My alarm goes off at 5:15 and I snooze until 6:00 am usually.  Not a good idea, especially since I’m responsible for two of us getting out the door in the morning.  One of us has to be at her destination at 7:00 am.  I have to be at mine at 7:30.  It’s tight some days, especially when I’m running late because I’ve used many slams of my hand on the snooze button!!

Today I got up at 5:30, put my exercise clothes on and jumped out into the living room. I took over the front room while my kids were still getting up. I used my Beachbody program and worked out. I did a longer  workout than yesterday. It was tough. I found myself laughing in my head as I tried to keep up with Shaun T on the tape. I didn’t stop though! Part of the work out involved “real” push ups.  I can do over 100 push ups at the wall, standing. I’ve modified them to suit my lack of strength with the blessing of my chiropractor, but I do them. Doing the “real” ones on the ground is an accomplishment.  No, I’m not in plank position-they’re still modified but they. Are. Push ups.

How do I feel after this workout and the series of workouts I’ve been doing?  Pretty darned good. I feel like I’m doing something good for me, I’m seeing benefits (ABS!!!) and I’m working harder than I would have been by just sitting on the couch. It’s part of the commitment I made to myself. The other commitment I’ve made is to stop letting the people who refuse to acknowledge me bother me.  They’re in their own worlds. That’s good for them.  I wish them success in all their endeavors.  I’m successful in my own way and damn!  I. Feel. GOOD!!!



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