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Outlander: My thoughts

I’m an avid Outlander fan.  I can’t help myself.  My friend, Lassair, introduced me to the books well over twenty years ago. When it was finally optioned as a series by Ronald D. Moore, I got all “screamy” and excited.  I knew that the series wouldn’t be exactly the same as the books and I’m pretty much okay with that. I understand that it’s difficult to take over 800 pages of a book and condense it into an hour at a time, for a season, which could be as short as eight episodes or longer.

It was with great anticipation that I caught the season two premier last week.  I loved it!  Was it identical to the books?  No, but I expected as much.  I learned a lot of the backstory of what happened to Claire when she came back through the stones.   You could feel her grief. It was just that real!  Even Frank (whom I don’t like, sorry gang!), was awesomely portrayed.  I feel that Tobias Menzies was the best possible choice for that dual role. He’s incredible! He can be the tender, loving husband and the evil, nasty ancester all in one. They struck gold with him!  Jamie and Claire…it goes without saying that I adore the casting choices of them as well.

Anyway…back to what I was saying.  The adaptation was just different enough that even though I’ve read the books multiple times, I felt that the writers more than did justice to Diana Gabaldon’s brainchild. I loved how Claire jumped in at the docks and got all up in that harbor master’s face about the smallpox. And the Comte?  Brrr!  You want to see someone who is trying to figure out how to dispose of someone else?  That would be him. He was so…no, I’d not want to meet HIM in a dark alley. Not that I would. He has underlings for that, but still.  No.

Last night’s episode took a slightly different path as well. They touched on Jamie’s nightmares, Claire’s reluctance to allow the servants to wait on her and of course, the Pretender. It all tied in nicely.  Again, not exactly to the letter of the book, but at this point, I don’t care.  It’s OUTLANDER!!!!

The costumes were…oh, my gosh, the costumes!!  I loved the red dress!  “I can see all the way to your third rib!” “No, you cannot!” (I’m just curious as to when she changed fans from that little red fan she had at the house when they were getting ready to go out to the giant fan with the stags she had during the ball in Versailles.)  The King…Well, he was just petulant enough that I could tell he was a young person. He remembered Jamie, but why did he just look through Claire?  She was wearing that incredible dress!  Oh wait…it was the OTHER dress, the swan dress that had HIS attention!

THE SWAN DRESS!!  I admire anyone who can bring Diana Gabaldon’s visions to life.  Terry Dreshbach.  That’s all I can say.  That dress was oh, so incredible!  I read an interview of how she created it.  If that lady wasn’t pierced, you couldn’t tell!  It was In.Freaking.Credible!!

And the MEN!!  Jamie! Murtagh!! The Comte! The Duke of Sandringham (“Traitor!!”  “Murtagh!  You mustn’t draw a sword in the King’s presence!”)  Murtagh!  He cleans up nicely!!  He’s still bearded and yes, he stands out in a crowd because the French were all clean-shaven. All I can say is WOW!!  I love how clearly the writers have made the men stand out in this series! I loved the sword practice in the garden.  I loved Master Raymond.  Oh hell, I loved the whole thing!!

I love how they’ve taken the bones of the books and have created this splendid masterpiece of beauty, darkness, intrigue and heroism. This series is my favorite Saturday pleasure. I easily binge-watched it three times last night. I appreciate the hard work our writers, our consultant, ALL involved in this series have put into it. Cast, crew, all are giving 110% and it shows.

Now, please ink an agreement for Season 3 already!!

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