Still Striving to improve myself, one board break at a time


I can’t help but wonder why we human beings get so angry with each other for being individuals.

I’m not a conventional person, by any means, but I absolutely bristle at things I read where people are squawking about things they disagree with. I keep my disagreements to myself-why force MY opinions on others when I know darned well that my opinions are purely my own and not that of others.  It just aggravates the hell out of me to see people complaining that people aren’t carbon copies of them.

I made a deal with myself when I reached the dreaded “half century mark.” I promised myself I wouldn’t try to force my views on others. I don’t follow the same religious beliefs as others.  That’s my right. I have “idols” in my house.  Again, my right. That’s what makes this country a free country.  Hell, I even ask my family WHY they say things in an effort to spark discussions on things.  I don’t tell them they’re going to hell unprotected because they think Pepsi ™ is a better drink than Coke ™. (For the record, I don’t drink either–I’m a water or coffee person.)  I don’t tell people that drinking coffee with creamer and sugar is “evil” and whatever.  Yes, I have STRONG opinions on things (“bulletproof coffee”, anyone?) but I won’t try to dissuade anyone who thinks it’s good. My family (distant) should know this.  Please don’t try to swap my coffee cup for yours.  I’ll make nasty faces and act like I’m dying if it gets near me. You may hear me say “Ewww!  Gross!  Gross!!” Will it stop you from drinking it like that? Probably not.  You’ll laugh in my face and keep going. I’m pretty sure of that.

I was in Starbucks ™ today and the barrista asked me if I wanted room for cream and sugar.  I shuddered and quickly said, “NO!!” She said, “I drink my coffee black too!”  It was all good. Had she told me that the sky was green and I should absolutely drink cream in my  coffee, I’d have said, politely, “No, thanks!  I’ll leave it for you.  The sky IS  a pretty shade of green!” and that would be that. It wouldn’t stop me from visiting again.

I guess the whole point of this session is to remind myself (because all 1 of you who reads this blog may be really busy with your life right now) that it’s okay to be different.  I dare you to be different.  Don’t get wound up because Persona A disagrees with you.  Just smile politely and go on with things. After all…you may be right in your head. That means I’m likely right in MY head and so forth…



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