Still Striving to improve myself, one board break at a time

What have I been doing lately?  Let’s see…looking at new opportunities is one thing. I was told I’m “not competitive enough” for one of them. Okay. Moving on. That bridge is now burned.  We’ll see what happens in the future. I’m now taking classes again. I’m presently slogging my way through a Theatre class (Introduction to Theatre) that has proven to me that I need to learn to write. I’m okay with the criticism from my professor because I needed it. I skated through the 4 chapters and quizzes, the final test and then bombed on the paper.  AH. The light bulb is on. 

Today I had an agenda that I kept up with for the most part–until I broke the database!  (laugh) I tried to log in to take a test over the last chapter in the book I read and it failed three times. I think that’s my sign that I’m not to take the test tonight. I’m going to take it. It throws off my own personal time-table, but I can catch up and work past it.

Why am I working on a time-table? Because this class is highly accelerated. Because there’s a boatload of reading.  For the entire class (4 or 5 weeks. I forget the count. Doesn’t matter), we’re expected to read 6 plays. Two down. Two on tap. I’ll make up my time somewhere this week. I still have two more response papers to write.  I’m struggling with those, but have one kick-butt editor and a few privileged people who are being tortured with the paper. They haven’t begged me to stop sending it to them, so I will just continue to do what I’m doing.

Haven’t been out riding my bike much this summer. I think I’ve had it out maybe three times. I bought a new bike in February and haven’t had it tuned up and made ready to ride. That’s also on the agenda…hopefully someday soon. I need to get out and feel the wind on my face. That’s my thinking time. I’d prefer to have it less than triple digits but I DO live in Texas and it’s July.

I will try to be around more often. It’s going to be a little challenging for a bit. My son starts high school this year, my daughter is in college, I’m taking classes.  We’ll make it work.



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