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End of 2012 Reflection

I have struggled with my weight and things for my entire life. It’s not easy to be non-competitive about your weight when you’re told constantly to “post your goals” or “you need to be held accountable for your actions.” I don’t post my goals anymore, despite this, because I don’t want someone to come up to me and say “I have done what you’re doing and I’ve been uber successful doing it THIS way. THIS is the way you should do it.” That annoys me. I spend too much time being easily annoyed.

I don’t typically set goals because I know too many people who will be happy to tell me exactly how I need to go about achieving said goals. I am reaching them *my* way, not theirs. As I’ve been reminded, this is MY path, not that of  anyone else. What works for you isn’t going to work for me. I’m not the person who lives for the gym. I am not the person who can cheerfully say “I love working out sooo much, I have to spend my entire waking time doing it.”  I like to do things at my own, snail pace.

Another thing that gets to me are the people who say they “pigged out but are starting over.” Everything I’ve learned at Weight Watchers says do NOT think like this. It’s like giving yourself permission to continue to “pig out”. If you fall off one day, you don’t say “oh, I screwed up, let’s just quit for now and start later.” Personal experience talking here…”later” never comes. There’s always an excuse. Maybe not for most people, but me? Oh yeah. I’m human. I make excuses ALL the time!!

I restarted Weight Watchers in August, 2012.  To date, “officially”, I have lost 17 pounds.  Well, no, have to say 15 because I got sick a week, didn’t eat and gained it back when I started eating again.  I will continue to follow Weight Watchers. I will continue to ride my bike (because I adore being outside in the fresh air) when I feel like it.

It’s all a matter of my perspective. My goals are my own.  I don’t think I need to let everyone see my goals.  If I wanted to share, I’d take out a billboard.  Yes, I’m sure I’d have a few people cheering me on, but seriously?  I’m a boring person if all I talk about is my bike riding or my weight loss.  I like to think there’s more depth to me than that.  I have a family and a life outside of weight loss.  Let me talk about that instead.  Don’t let me bore you to tears hearing about how I lost a pound, gained a pound, lost a pound.  When I hit the BIG milestones, I may share.  However, that’s in the distance.

For me, I’m ending 2012 and beginning 2013 following the same path-the one I’ve been on for 4 months that’s working for me.  It’s MY path, MY journey.  You’re welcome to walk along with me, but don’t tell me how to put my feet down.  I’m rather hard-headed and don’t listen, no matter how well meaning your good intentions are.


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  1. Great blog, tootsie! You said it so well. Have you ever considered writing? ha ha! Just kidding you know! xxoo

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