Still Striving to improve myself, one board break at a time

Post Thanksgiving

It has been a busy weekend for me.  Thanksgiving day was a cloudy, cool day.  We expected company, so I spent time alternating between frantically cleaning house and cooking.  I managed to do more in one day than I do normally in a week.  I cleaned the kids’ bathroom, started laundry, washed many loads of dishes (by hand, ick!) and did a lot of “fussy work”–picking up things that were on the floor, etc.  Friday was mainly a laundry day.  Again, it was another grey-ish day.  I love days like that.  It’s pretty nice to have days that are quiet, weather-wise.

Saturday, the Texas Tech Goin Band From Raiderland (yes, that’s their name!) was at the high school, rehearsing for their performance at the game between Tech and Baylor Saturday night.  I had to venture out to pick up my oldest, so we just wandered that way after hitting up Lowes to get a water filter and miscellaneous things.  I am very glad we did.  I had taken a video, but SOMEONE, who shall remain nameless (not sure if it was me or my daughter, really), deleted the video.  That bummed me out but oh well.  My memories are what’s important.

It's not often you see this parked at the local high school!!!

And now it’s Sunday.  It’s a glorious, sunny Sunday.  The wind is still blowing–I can see it lifting the overhang on the porch swing.  I’m not going to complain.  In fact, I’ve been at working on MORE cleaning again.  I’ve done dishes today, fed the cat, watered plants and have dead-headed one of them.  My next step is to get my coat on and go out for a walk.  I’ll either take my phone or my camera.  I’m sure I can catch a couple of nice pictures before I come back in.  I know I’ll get seriously red cheeks but who cares, right?  It’s time to get out and get moving.

Still haven’t managed to follow through on a ‘resolution’, but figure that today is the day.  I’ve had the better part of a month to tell myself to move, so now it’s time.   PLUS, it’ll be a good start to next year if I get moving now.

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