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Tai Chi wisdom

Tonight, my Tai Chi instructor said something that resonated with me. She said that all the ideas of perfection we have are to be left behind because there is no perfection. Her suggestion was to do the technique and if it brings you happiness, if you’re smiling inside, then you did it right. It’s thought-worthy, especially in light of my determination to be ‘perfect’. I got something out of class tonight that I would never have thought I’d pick up.

In class, we did “Move around the world to the left”. It is a neat technique. When done slowly (note to self…MOVE…SLOWLY…), it is very pretty. Some of the Forms Class students came in and worked with one of the other instructors. They were working on the “Four Corners”. It was beautiful. I’m glad I’m taking the time to slow down and learn the Tai Chi. I needed to re-think and re-focus.
I was thinking on the way home from work tonight that I needed the break I’ve taken from martial arts. I’m getting re-balanced in Tai Chi. It’s about balance.

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  1. Your instructor sound like a smart gal. I’m always trying to do things to perfection and it usually leads to a little bit of Disappointment, but when I let go everything flows a little bit easier.

  2. Marguerite Nico said:

    That’s been my biggest issue with my Tang Soo Do…I want to be “perfect” to the point of sheer frustration. It’s made me feel like I can’t do what I used to love to do and as a result, I’m taking a break from it.

  3. Good advice from your instructor. Striving for perfection would create stress emanating from mind to body, which would disrupt the flow of chi. I think Brian may have hit the nail on the head “when I let go everything flows a little bit easier.”

    Tai chi is not a race, it is a journey to be savored each step of the way!

    • Marguerite Nico said:

      I need to put what I’m learning to practical application in my Tang Soo Do training as well. I have always tried to make my forms “perfect” and that’s caused me to stop having fun.

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