Still Striving to improve myself, one board break at a time

Meg, Belly Dance picture, October, 2005
Okay, so you’ll get really tired of this picture before it’s all said and done! LOL!
I am proud of this picture. I looked at the one picture of me and my friend, Ram, and I realize that I was *very* happy! I looked so happy and relaxed in that picture, despite being at work! LOL! That was a good thing. I didn’t win anything. No big deal. I didn’t expect to win anything. I just had fun because I got to step outside of my usual box. I thought past “safe”. I liked it. I truly enjoyed myself. Part of it was because I was happy being different. I didn’t dress the conventional part. I let my personality out for a short time. I let the mask down.
How often can we say that we’ve stepped out of the box? How many different masks do you wear? This is something that I have been thinking about since Saturday (in fact, it was the subject of my WW meeting). You are a mom/daughter/sister/cousin/best friend/lover/teacher/mentor/Betty Crocker/June Cleaver/Wonder Woman/Super Girl/Ms. Marvel/Spiderman/Superman/whatever. You’re a mother/friend/wife/lover. You’re an artist/teacher/leader/follower/employer/employee. All the masks we wear contribute to who we are or at least the public facade we present. Do we know who we really are? We tell ourselves we do, but when do you let the masks down?
When do you allow yourself to be the *real* you? When do you admit that you’re not better than anyone else, that you CAN say NO to someone? When do you say “ENOUGH!” and start treating yourself better?

Who do you think you are?

Me? I’m still finding out.

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