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With the flap about health insurance in the news lately, it’s mind boggling to think that some of the people we elect to office don’t face the fact that there are millions of people out there who cannot afford health insurance. They’re offering a bunch of different alternatives and arguing about what plan is the best, etc. What about the actual CARE part of it?? The government isn’t in any sort of agreement on a “plan” that will work. Conservative and liberals both are fighting with each other because each thinks their plan is the best one. They are missing something very important…the patient and *health*. Health CARE is an issue. How many times have any of us gone to the doctor’s office, waited for long periods of time (think ER’s as a good example!) and then are seen by the doctor for a *short* period of time? How about the politicians look at that too? They are concentrating on a symptom, not a cure. If I have to see the doctor for something, I don’t want to wait for a long time, then be herded in and out quickly. I want him to get a comprehensive history and then he can make an educated deduction as to what my problem may or may not be. Why can insurance companies tell our doctors how much time they can spend with patients? Why can they deny coverage for “usual and customary” expenses on some things. Some companies deny “pre-existing conditions”, such as diabetes, cancer, whatever. Why??? It’s because health care is an INDUSTRY. The insurance companies are dictating how long you see a doctor, how much he charges and what drugs you can and can’t take. Some people are shunted off to generic drugs that cause more problems than cures. Doctors are forced to purchase giant malpractice insurance policies because some people are quick to squawk and scream ‘malpractice’. If the government can bail out the auto makers and can bail out the nation’s banks, why not go in whole hog? If it’s possible to bail out the bank that holds the government’s pensions, why not “bail out” the health care industry as well? As a member of society who is seeing my premiums go up, I’d like to know that I have a voice in what sort of care I’m going to get. I don’t want to be treated like I’m a part of some cattle call. I want to know that I’m equal to my lawmakers in the type of care I get. For that matter, I’d really like them to have to wait in waiting rooms for long periods of time to have a minor ache or pain looked at. They’re the privileged ones, so they need to spend at least a month or so living in their constituents’ shoes. I think that would be something that might open their eyes.

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